Breathing exercise

"We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe”  -  Frantz Fanon

Do you use any progressions in your coaching, e.g. techique?
Like breathing?

  • 3 bottom jumps (exhale underwater, fast inhale during over surface portition of jump) + swim 25
  • 3 bottom jumps with complete exhale in deep squat at bottom, then jump up + swim 25

then move to maybe to some swimming with focus on breathing in various stroke?

“nose out, mouth in”

After that you might focus on freestyle breathing, starting:

  • 25 swimming freestyle taking breath only from looking  to same wall “when you take breath, only take from this window side.”
  • 25 same as up, looking to the same wall, and swimmer breath from the otherside than prev. 25….
  • 25 freestyle take breath from front, just like sighting on open water swimming


have fun.

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