Geniuses @ action.

Joe Przytula – offers some shoulder thoughts.

Vern Gambetta – We need to train. Just get out there now – run, jump, throw, lift, push, pull, twist, and turn and get tired with a purpose. Have something to eat, take a nap, get some rest and go out and get after it again. Does it really have to be more complicated than that?

Brooks T. Johnson -Once the ATHLETIC ( science ) and BALLETIC ( creative ) aspects of the event are in some acceptable and consistent order, then we need to consider how we can best bring about the BALLISTIC ( velocity/speed ) phase into productive play. Since we have already established that LET is the #1 prioirity in the sport, this is the final but most crucial element in the triad and trilogy of ATHLETIC – BALLETIC – BALLISTIC .

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