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While reading we find following very interesting information. Mare Nostrum 2007 will include some superstars in starting blocks:

- Laure MANAUDOU, olympic, world
recordwoman on 400m fs.
- Swimming Australia with 40 swimmers
- A South Africa selection
- US All Stars with the phenomenal Michael
PHELPS (USA) olympic champion & world
record holder on 200m butterfly & 400m
medley, Brendan HANSEN (world record
holder on 100 & 200m breat.) and Aaron
PIERSOL (Olympic champion & world
record holder on 100 & 200m back.) with a
lot of other high level swimmers
- A Papua New Guinea club
- Sweden club of Sodertorn with Stefan
NYSTRAND Europe vice champion on
100m fs
- Américan club of Coral Springs (Floride)
with Anne POLESKA (GER), olympic
bronze medallist on 200m breat. & Vlad
POLYAKOV (KAZ), Olympic finalist on
100 & 200m breat.
- The Norwegian Swimming Federation

Just a thought, you wanna make a big thing that some big swimmers are coming to your competition series and you include Norway in that list..? But just a thought, nothing else…

Bulletin de presse n.2 (.pdf) []
Phelps al Mare Nostrum []

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