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Facts from US OT´s.

Monday, June 30th, 2008

It is always fun to print these awesome numbers here. In men´s 200 free 29 guys go under 1:50 and 30th manages 1:50.18.

16 girls advance to semis in 100 breast and four (Hardy/Soni/Hehn/Payne) of those are from same club (Club Trojan) and Amanda Beard might count as fifth because she switched to UCLA only few months back… 1:09.75 needed to semis, in same level as in World Champs in 2007. Yesterday in men´s event Stanford two or three guys to semis, John Christe is listed as Mission Viejo-swimmer but isn´t he a Stanford student..? Longhorns go even better with four guys to semis…

Maybe a two years ago 54 seconds was a milestone and only six or seven had ever swam under, now four guys go under in the heats of 100 back…


Estonian Swimming Nationals 2008.

Monday, June 30th, 2008

89. Eesti meistrivõistlused 2008


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part 3

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Comparison time, baby!

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Once again we go all Steinski and cut´n´paste other peoples material and use it here for our own purposes. BUT we are not like other blogs in this ´sphere and take credit without having done anything… You know who you are…

So thanks Selkie and

Time in ´07 Melbourne World Champs and time now in Omaha:

Women’s 400 IM (8th place)
2007 WCs- 4:44.34
2008 OTs-4:43.20

women’s 100 fly (16th place)
2007 WCs- 59.79
2008 OTs- 59.97

Men’s 400 IM (8th place)
2007 WCs- 4:17.73
2008 OTs- 4:21.05

Men’s 400 free (8th)
2007 WCs- 3:48.72
2008 OTs- 3:51.47

Men’s 100 breast (16th)
2007 WCs- 1:01.69
2008 OTs-1:02.36

That w4im is mindboggling…

I comme on you garsons?

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Oh, where is this world going? First Swimming World unveils Swimsuit issue. Thank god, lord, Jesus, Tom Cruise!!!!!!! Now Speedo has found it´s inner Carson Kressler and gone all stars´n´stripes with it´s Lazy Racer to get some “true patriotic feeling” to it´s swimsuits…

Hei, hip hei!

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Mä lähen matkailee ja voin nyt seurata ihan livetiminkin kautta NSM kisoja… Hip hei…

Pääsee matkailee, Kuopio Girls, big dog is town!

Ja jos joku tervehtii Kuopion hallissa, niin vedän turpaan…

Muff diving, no, but swimsuit issue anyway.

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

There is The Swimsuit Issue and there is the digital swimsuit edition… I´ll still stick to the first mentioned although you gotta give some points to Swimming World, you are now in the big leagues, boys!

Peter Vanderkaay in tv.

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Man who´s gonna win 400 free in Beijing, Peter Vanderkaay got interviewed by Big Ten Network few weeks back. For those who wonder what is Big Ten, is the conference that his alma mater Michigan is part of…

Via blog do coach

Don´t belive the hype.

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Did I feel “magical” in the suit? head honcho and swimming knowledge supremo Glenn Mills had a little experiment with Blueseventy “wondersuit”

Whitney Myers is the sane one,.

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

“It’s definitely exhausting physically, but it is so refreshing mentally,” she said. “Swimming can become so monotonous with the same four strokes and your face in the water. With dance, it’s fun and there’s music and 100 different routines you can do and different styles. It’s kept me in the sport (swimming). It’s kept me sane.”

Former ´zona swimmer and current member of ‘zona alumnus swim club otherwise known as Tucson Ford Dealer Aquatics Whitney Myers has always been bit of a mystery to me. I first noticed her back in ´06 six when she had some fast swims in Pan Pac´s. But as The Arizona Republic article shows, she has had storied career so far in college and international waters. Now Myers is once again trying to earn spot in Olympic Team…. Her pet event is 200 IM but no chance for her in that if Natalie Coughlin decides to swim it… But good luck anyways…

Damien Courtois swims new record.

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

20-year-old Damien Courtois went pretty fast at Championnat Romand in city of Lancy. Karel Novy´s Swiss record time from year 2005 in 50 fly lost over half second in the process. Damien now holds the record at 23.83.

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