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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

1996 Summer Olympics – Men’s 200 m individual medley, when some dreams were broken…

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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Swimmer Rachel Komisarz

Rachel Komisarz, by erikaland.

p.s. Andrew achieved the cut, clocking 2:13.44 at 200 breast

Some Italian Champs coming…

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Following junior nationals coming this and next week in Italy

  • 2-5 agosto 2007
  • Roma
  • Results
  • 6-9 agosto 2007
  • Roma
  • Startlist
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Ragazzi 93-92-91, Junior 90-89, Cadetti 88-87


Ragazze 94-93, Junior 92-91, Cadette 90-89

Check for latest updates on these Champs…

“Nort Thornton is retiring after 33 years at the helm of the Golden Bears” or not?

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

University of California Men’s Swimming Team, what a house of loonies….

First ass. coach Mike Bottom left the program, then head coach North Thornton was kicked out, no, he left to retire… And, hey, he is back in saddle!

Go figure… In Nort is still retiring:

ASA Swim 21 Youth & ASA National Championships – Day 4.

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

ASA National Championships
ASA National Swim 21 Youth Championships
27th July – 1st August
Ponds Forge ISC, Sheffield


Day four in the Britain with ASA Swim 21 National Youth Championships & ASA National Championships.

Elizabeth Simmonds missed his age group record by a .0.08 in her 100 back win, clocking 1:01.28. Jemma Lowe did not have fire to make new adjustments to her 100 fly British record in the finals, she won it with 59.26. Yesterday she clocked 58.73 in semi-finals for new record.

Caitlin McClatchey is coming back to fine form and won the 200 free in tight final. McClatchey was trailing Melanie Marshall before last fifty but pulled over in the last lap. McClatchey won with 1:58.51, Marshall second (1:59.14) and Joanne Jackson third (1:59.39). With Rebecca Adlington´s fourth place time 2:00.55, good relay team forming up for Beijing. Add to the mix 15-years-old Ellen Gandy, who could not match her day old age group record 2:00.34 and ended up on sixth spot with 2:01.83.

Liam Tancock is clearly on a good form, going under 25 sec. in 50 back both in semis and finals. Tancock won semi with 24.86 and final 24.96. Gregor Tait made a new Scottish Record 25.93, with his bronze medal winning time.

Michael Rock swam twice to 1:57 in 200 fly, ending his campaing with finals time 1:57.48. Three seconds faster than second place finisher Lewis Smith 2:00.90.

Women´s distance events again offered tight races. In 1500 free Rebecca Cooke and Cassandra Patten played cat and mouse for sixteen minutes and had .15 difference in the end. Cooke won with 16:25.29 and Patten second with 16:25.44.

31-year-old veteran, former Brit, current New Zealander Zoe Baker was the fastest after semi-finals, but she had to settle for second spot as Kate Haywood cruised past to win. Baker 31.70 and Haywood 31.62.

Jonathan Fox (S7) made an World record 50 back, 35.16 is the new time on the wall.

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Why oh why…

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007


Miksi uinti on Suomessa niin pieni laji mediassa vaikka suhteessa uimarit, pieni joukkue muihin lajeihin verrattuna jos halutaan pilkkua viilata, menestyvät yhdessä maailman kovimmassa urheilumuodossa niinkin hyvin kuin ovat tähän mennessä menestyneet? On lehdissä ja televisiossa juttuja uinnista mutta yleensä ainoastaan arvokisojen kohdalla.

Kuka edes tietää Suomessa että uinnin Nuorten EM-kisat olivat Antwerpenissa jokin aika sitten ja Suomella oli joukkue kisoissa? Kisoissa joiden tulostaso etenkin mitalistien osalta vastaa semifinaalitasoa MM-tasolla, jopa finaalitasoa joissain lajeissa. Jos 12 moukarinheittäjää ylittää 22-v. EM-rajan, ei taso ole kova vaan raja on heikko. Mediassa se kuitenkin vastaa uusien messiaiden alasastumista taivaista.

Missä ovat Urheiluradion tai Urheiluruudun hehkutukset kauden kärkituloksesta tai maailmanlistalla korkealle nousseet tulokset. Kuka edes tietää suomalaisten uimareiden sijoittumisesta tilastoissa niin Suomen kuin maailman tasolla, siis niiden lajiniilojen ulkopuolella jotka nettiä kansoittavat. Mara ja Hanski ovat kumpikin 16 parhaan joukossa omissa paraatilajeissaan.

Kuinka usein kuulemme positiivisia uutisia uinnin saralta? Negatiivinen pohjavire on yleensä juttujen pohjalla ja muutenkin koko uinti on aina jotenkin venkuralla ulkopuolisen silmissä.

Ehkäpä pitäisi alkaa enemmän itsekin kirjoittamaan positiivisemmin…? Ah, niin paljon kysymyksiä, niin paljon vastauksia…

Kaitlin´s voyage.

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Kaitlin Sandeno has started her trip to World University Games and blogs about in Swimstars Live:

So we’ll just say my trip didn’t start off too lovely. The day started at 3:30 am east coast time. I had to be at the Detroit airport in time for my 6am flight to Chicago. I passed out pretty quickly and woke up to the girl directly next to me throwing up in her barf bag. Yes, that’s right, throwing up right next to me. This, in return, made me want to throw up. I pushed myself up against the window as much as I could. So I got off my first flight already nauseous. Then my flight to LAX was delayed 45 minutes and I was flying seperate from my CW teammates and coach. So I went to kill time at Starbucks and then they didn’t have my blueberry white tea ice tea I wanted!! So I settled for a non-fat latte…

New record in Japan.

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Kato Breaks 11-year Record

Yuka Kato broke the oldest Japanese national record in the women’s 50 metres butterfly at the National Sports Festival, in the Yamanashi Prefecture on Sunday.

The 20-year-old Kato stopped the clock at 26.72, shaving 0.03 sconds off the 11-year-old mark set by Ayari Aoyama in Tokyo.

Spanish Age Groups Champs 2007 (91/92/93/94).

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

29,30,31 DE JULIO Y 1 DE AGOSTO DE 2007
50 m

Results and other information

Couple of age group record highlighted the first two days in Madrid at Spanish AG Champs in 50 meter pool. Eduardo Solaeche Gomez (1993) clocked 1:08.85 in 100 breast and 2:16.02 in 200 medley. In the girls Claudia Dasca Romeu (1994) 9:06.41 in 800 free.

After the jump results from the first days…


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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

US Nationals gather quite a crowd to Indianapolis. Michael Phelps swims ten events with his piano playing coach Bob Bowman being the conductor behind Big Mike´s succes. Rachel Komisarz will also be there. Ilinnois sends one to Nationals, Texas sends numerous swimmers there and Auburn sends 34 swimmers.

Sam Whiteside tries to cross Lake Ontario, 52 km trip.

Two relay teams from the Twin Cities swam across the English Channel yesterday in an attempt to raise 60 000 dollars to provide access to swimming lessons and lifeguard training for other children.

Bailey Pons, a sophomore at Yankton High School, set four S.D. state meet records at the 2007 South Dakota State Long Course Swimming Championships, held this past weekend in Brookings.

Angolan swimmer Nuno Rola, who tested positive at the All Africa Games, is already suspended from all sporting activity, and that Angolan Swimming Federation will decide on the duration of the ban to later inform the international swimming federation.

Ever to Conquer Never to Yield, image by emilynew.