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Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Wednesday PM linkage.

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007


  • Ahoy all polar bears, Snowflake Swim will go on.
  • Dynasty, Maryland style.
  • Russians coming, but they’re ready in Australia.
  • It´s better to burn out, than fade away.
  • Rebecca says, gives deaf a chance.
  • Family ties, thrive to succeed.
  • Baruch College in Metropolitan Swimming Championships at Rutgers University. Image from school’s website.

    Young ‘uns.

    Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

    Some clipping from various newspaper, this time spend few moments with some of the younger swimmers..

    * Brit gal Jessica Dickons, 200 fly, has set her sights for Melbourne to manageable heights

      “Hopefully I’m going to swim faster than I have ever swum before.

      “I’m going to try and break the British long-course record. Actually, I will probably have to break the British record just to get into the semi-finals.”

    * Future olympian Jennifer Guro meets Big Mike:

      ‘There were 17 seats on the plane and Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin [both Olympic gold medalists] were on it,” she said. ”Phelps sat right across from me. I told him good job and he said ‘thanks’ and fell asleep.”

    * Charley Wang swam with Michael Phelps in Missouri GP:

      Wang was seeded into Phelps’ heat of the 200 butterfly, just two lanes over from the owner of six Olympic golds. In the first half of the race, Wang dropped three seconds off his usual time trying to keep pace.

      Even [teammate Lauren] English could see the adrenaline surging on his face, as “he went out and put it all on the plate, nothing held back.”

      But everything changed after the turn.

      “With 25 (yards) left, I thought the lifeguards were going to have to jump in and save me,” said Wang, dropped 4 1/2 seconds to place second in the 50 butterfly, and was fourth in the 50 backstroke and sixth in the 100 backstroke at his first national-level meet.

      “It’s like jumping from a small pond into the ocean to swim with the big fish. It’s really humbling.”

      A few hours later the Morris County swimmers watched in awe as Phelps broke his own world record in the 200 fly for the fifth time.

    Wanted : dead or alive.

    Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

    South Africa has olympic gold medal in men’s 400 fr relay but it’s quartet in upcoming World Champs is still some havey clouds:

      Roland Schoeman is the only one of South Africa’s “golden quartet” certain of his place in the 4x100m freestyle relay at next month’s World Championships in Melbourne.

      Ryk Neethling, Lyndon Ferns, Gerhard Zandberg and Jean Basson all will have to compete in the heats to determine who will join Schoeman in the final.

      The South African team leaves next Wednesday for Wyndham in Australia where they will attend a training camp and spend time acclimatising before they go into action at the championships from March 25 to April 1.

    Zanberg takes it easy with some Tina Turner:

      Gerhard Zandberg’s favourite song is Tina Turner’s Simply The Best. It not only sounds great to his ears, but more importantly, it’s a source of inspiration to him in his efforts to be the best in the world of swimming.

    Swimming superiority does not include good music taste, or so it seems…

    Boomboxin’ at local pool…

    Wednesday, February 28th, 2007



      Just in time for summer and pool weather, Hammacher Schlemmer has released wireless water-resistant iPod speakers. While you can’t really take them swimming, you can keep them poolside and not stress about splashing water on them.

      The iPod and dock can be kept away from the pool to ensure your tiny investment won’t go under. In fact, you can keep them 150 feet away and you’ll still get crisp tunes through the 3-inch 6-watt speakers. The speakers’ features include AM/FM radio, alarm clock, auto shut-off, LCD, three A/V-out jacks, and one audio-in port. The docking station also recharges your iPod. Priced at $199.95

    “the reason why we race”

    Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

    Tara Kirk has not given up on gold medal, even if Leisel Jones so far ahead rest of the pack:

      “I think, based on times — she’s at 1:05.09 (in the 100 breaststroke) and the rest of the world’s at 1:06 — you would think she was unbeatable,” Kirk said.

      “If we were just to go off times, why have the world championships at all? I think there’s always surprises. I went to school with Misty Hyman, who pulled out one of the biggest surprises of the Sydney Olympics (in the 200 butterfly over Susie O’Neill), so I know there’s always the possibility that someone can do something amazing.”

    Dutch in Geelong.

    Wednesday, February 28th, 2007


    Dutch National Team is preparing for Melbourne, has details and photos from Geelong…

    Gotta fight those grim facts.

    Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

    You know that nearly 300 million people live in USA but following figures are very grim:

      Nine people drown in the U.S. every day, and drowning is a leading cause of injury-related death for American children. African-American children are considered especially at risk, as they experience drowning rates that are nearly triple the national average (CDC 2003).

    Now USA Swimming has launched campaign aimed at decreasing the number of drowning accidents in the U.S., fostering greater diversity in the sport and encouraging people of all ages to embrace swimming as a direct route to a healthier lifestyle.

    Taas mielenkiintoisia taulukoita…

    Wednesday, February 28th, 2007 ovat pojjaa taas laskeskelleet hieman eri maiden ennätysten tekovuosia ja saanet sitten keskiarvon sille kuinka vanhoja ennätyksiä eri maissa on…

    5km & 10 km

    Wednesday, February 28th, 2007


    IV Campeonato Sudamericano Juvenil de
    Natación en Aguas Abiertas

    Bahía de Pampatar, Estado Nueva Esparta,
    Del 21 al 24 de febrero del 2007

    22 de febrero – 5km

    Hombres 16 y mayores 5k Aguas Abiertas

    1 Martín Clement 17 ARGENTINA 58:41,00
    2 Victor Pires Simoes 18 BRASIL 58:42,00
    3 Mario Conceicao Pereira 17 BRASIL 58:43,00
    4 Esteban Enderica Salgado 17 ECUADOR 59:06,00
    5 Richard Farra 16 VENEZUELA 1:00:23,00
    6 Ángel Ruiz 18 VENEZUELA 1:00:24,00
    7 David Polo Castanier 18 ECUADOR 1:00:25,00
    8 Martín Naidich 17 ARGENTINA 1:00:26,00

    Mujeres 16 y mayores 5k Aguas Abiertas

    1 Antonella Bogarín 16 ARGENTINA 1:04:08,00
    2 Nataly Caldas Calle 18 ECUADOR 1:05:09,00
    3 María Pérez 17 VENEZUELA 1:05:10,00
    4 Francis Mishel Tixe Cobos 16 ECUADOR 1:05:18,00
    5 María José Maillard R. 16 CHILE 1:05:19,00
    6 Leticia Camargo 18 BRASIL 1:05:20,00
    7 Carla Díaz 17 VENEZUELA 1:05:21,00
    8 María Lucía Reynoso 17 ARGENTINA 1:05:26,00

    24 de febrero – 10km

    Hombres 16 y mayores 10k Aguas Abiertas

    1 Allan Lopes M. do Carmo 18 BRASIL 2:04:22,00
    2 Victor Pires Simoes 18 BRASIL 2:08:34,00
    3 Esteban Enderica Salgado 17 ECUADOR 2:11:34,00
    4 David Polo Castanier 18 ECUADOR 2:12:45,00
    5 Martín Naidich 17 ARGENTINA 2:14:27,00
    6 Leonel Montilla 18 VENEZUELA 2:15:18,00
    7 Richard Farra 16 VENEZUELA 2:17:36,00
    8 Phillip Maillard R. 17 CHILE 2:22:39,00

    Mujeres 16 y mayores 10k Aguas Abiertas

    1 Antonella Bogarín 16 ARGENTINA 2:21:15,00
    2 Nataly Caldas Calle 18 ECUADOR 2:23:16,00
    3 Leticia Camargo 18 BRASIL 2:24:32,00
    4 Daniela Viloria 16 VENEZUELA 2:26:18,00
    5 María José Maillard R. 16 CHILE 2:27:54,00
    6 Francis Mishel Tixe Cobos 16 ECUADOR 2:27:56,00
    7 María Lucía Reynoso 17 ARGENTINA 2:28:37,00
    8 Francini Silva Vieira 16 BRASIL 2:39:01,00

    Results (.pdf)
    Junior South Am 2007